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Fundamental Vietnamese Course

Start dates

September 7th, 2020

New classes start every month.


8 weeks (16 hours)

Class size

2 - 4 students


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Pham Viet Chanh condominium, ward 19, Binh Thanh district (view map)


    • Learn to use right away.

    • Learn what is necessary for your daily life (transportation, shopping, food and drinks) after the first few lessons.

Stage 2 - Fundamental Vietnamese

    • Learn to understand thoroughly.

    • Learn what helps you understand how Vietnamese language works systematically (alphabet, intonation system, basic structures and rules).

Stage 3 - Conversational Vietnamese

    • Learn to connect genuinely.

    • Learn what brings you good impression and small conversation with the locals (questions, answers, and common phrases).

This course is suitable for

Absolute beginners who want a strong foundation for self-study or higher level courses.

After the course

Students can decide to continue with our higher level private courses (view courses).

Tuition fee

2,000,000 VND / course / student + 50,000 VND for learning materials (handouts, folder, audio, and videos).


Follow this link to register your class, or send us an email to

Terms and Conditions:

    • Tuition fees are non-refundable and valid within the registered course.

    • Schedule could be changed upon agreement between students and teachers.

    • Students should inform their teachers in advance when they are absent.

    • Absent students are required to take private lessons to follow up with the group’s progress.

    • Additional private lessons are charged as the rates here.

Stage 1 - Survival Vietnamese