Düsseldorf, Germany

" After 4-5 years in Vietnam learning with different teachers, I am finally getting the feeling that I am able to interact with people, on the business side (I work for Lazada.vn) as well as in every-day private life! Vu is patient with us, and has a good mix of repetition and new concepts which makes every lesson interesting and worthwhile. Looking forward to the next steps in my Vietnamese language career! "


Melbourne, Australia

" As a Vietnamese born in Australia who struggled to communicate in Vietnamese my whole life, my lessons focused on building my confidence in speaking and learning grammar that I ended up using in Vietnam everyday. I can talk to my family and the locals much more easily now. The teachers were such a blast each lesson - learning didn't feel like a chore! Thanks so much to Ms. Phung and Mr. Vu! "


Maryland, USA

" Amazing teacher! Lessons are paced perfectly, and are designed to teach you to talk like a native speaker, not just memorize vocabulary. I've learned more with Vu in 2 months than I could teach myself in a year. "



" My sincere thanks to Vu and LVIS. Lessons are really practical and aimed at everyday needs. You'll never have a feeling of being forced to learn something you don't really need, and be sure, you'll never be bored. Vũ là giáo viên rất tốt và các bài của anh ấy vui lắm. Xin cảm ơn Vũ và hẹn gặp em sau nha! (Vũ is a good teacher, and having lessons with him is really interesting. Thanks a lot Vũ! See you later!) "



" I would like to greatly thank Vu for all his help on my journey to learning Vietnamese. I have only lived in Vietnam for nearly six months; four of which I have taken lessons online. Within this short period of time I can confidently say I can get around Ho Chi Minh with basic everyday things. Vu is very passionate about his work and I have no hesitation on highly recommending him to those of you looking to learn such fun and unique language. "

Contact him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nolan-clack-6a275b144/


Frankfurt, Germany